mother concept

The model of this work is my youngest daughter who has an incurable spinal disease.
Some of her bodily functions do not work properly as they should; 
nevertheless, she has a unique talent as if it compensates for them.
The floating body expresses her mysterious power to move others,
and her fluttering hair shows the energy she is releasing from inside.

In her little hands, there is a luminous Earth.
She is staring at it, smiling with affection and serenity
The machine tubes attached to her head are there to convey to people the future visions of the earth only she can perceive.
She, who is now undertaking the past, present and future of medical science,
is receiving passion, effort, love and hopes gathered by many people with all her body even at this moment.

The case of this work is like a mother’s womb: warm, clean and silent.
It keeps her body and heart safe from social bias, human evil, greed and anxiety towards illness.
Only inside this case, she can have a peace of mind and receive nothing but love.
Her soul has received affection from many people even before her birth.
So everyone who has both protected and supported my daughter is her mother, the title of this artwork.

The starting point of this work is love.

The viewer feels the stability of the child’s body through its heartbeat and the steady rhythm of the electrocardiogram. 
Through watching and observing, the viewer becomes a "mother", which is when the work actually comes into being.
This series of work will continuously develop itself along with my daughter’s growth.
I would like everyone to watch over its history created along with the life of this little girl.