mother concept

Time has flown, and seven years have passed.
In that time I have not produced any work for the series “mother”.
The struggle of my third daughter against her illness has given me no time to create.
I was always afraid of the hard fight against the illness that I anticipated, and the reality that my daughter would step into society with a semi-artificial body. My daughter, destined from birth to have a serious illness, had no guarantee of an innocent childhood.

And the figure of my daughter, who was protected in a case in the piece “mother 0003”, stepped out of its protection, into the world.

My daughter became old enough to enter education.
Education is a tool through which humans are transformed into their ideal, and through which they realize their value, and as such a teacher should endeavor to guide their student into the world of “truth, goodness and beauty,” led by love.
However, in reality, human desires such as fame, power, domination and self-protection – all of which are far from the true purpose – form a whirlpool of greed. And into that whirlpool my daughter was swallowed.
I recall an image of her, curled up on her bed, shaking, clenching her teeth and trying to hold back her tears.
That was her reality.
She was 8 years old then.
The whirlpool of greed was also in the scene of medical practice.

I could not stop wondering why my daughter was kept on drawing into this whirlpool so many times.
But as time passed, I realized that this girl was born 11 years ago with a strange power to move people. And now, living in this society and reality, I realise that her “powers” are getting stronger and stronger day by day.

She was not swallowed in the whirlpool, but actively diving into it, awakening a strange power to save the future of little lives around her.
I suppose this is her destiny. It is a destiny that will always have the “strange power” operating within it.

So I painted.
I painted the figure of a girl who sacrificed herself for the future of other little lives.
The floating body and the hair rising up expressed the magical powers and energy that my daughter releases, just as in “mother 0001”. That power is much greater than before.
At 11 years old, my daughter looks just as she did 7 years ago, smiling at the sphere she holds in her hands. She sees the shining future of the Earth with no whirlpool of greed in it.
Like the educators and doctors who have given her affection and saved her life, I hope that everyone would face the young little lives with “love and kindness”.
This was the genesis of “mother 0006”.

I also painted my daughter as she is in reality.

I painted how she became to dwell life in her eyes while caught in that whirlpool of greed.

These are “mother 0007” and “mother 0008”.

And before I knew it, my daughter had become a girl who communicated messages through herself.
She spoke that love is the most important thing for humans.
This is “mother 0009”.

I hope these works would be a gift and a “message of life and love” from my daughter that reach “the people and the world, and the future”.

My daughter talks about the necessity of love.
It may be that she is able to talk about it because she has a heart and body that have been protected by the love of people.
It is perhaps because there was so much love for her that she has overcome so many difficulties.
The starting point of my work is “love”.
The heart and body of my daughter are maintained by love.
The continuous struggle of her reality teaches the love that needs to exist at the core of a person.
The important message embedded in “mother 0009”, from a girl of 11 to the people of the world is this:
“You must live – cherish your life and love each day...”

Her strange powers and “the message of life and love” will change its workings in the future we have not yet seen, and will continue to heighten its power than now.

Artist by RYUHOW All rights reserved.